What is Integrative Horsemanship?


June 30

Refining Connection: Palpation and Groundwork Skill Development with Andrea Datz

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Andrea Datz
Andrea & Cozy || Photo © Barb Young

Integrative Horsemanship empowers you to:

Communicate with your horse on a deep and intuitive level

Feel more comfortable and confident in the saddle

Recognize the early warning signs of potential health issues

Successfully rehabilitate your horse from illness or injury

Become your horse's educated advocate

Our horses are communicating with us all the time. The question is, do we know how to listen? We all have moments when we really connect with our horse and experience such ease, joy and confidence. These moments keep us coming back for more. Integrative Horsemanship helps you discover and maintain a deeper connection with your horse, instilling confidence and creating balance in your relationship.

We've all seen those trainers, those riders, who make it look like magic. We might call them a horse whisperer and think they must have an elusive way with horses the rest of just don't have. Perhaps we've had an experience with an animal communicator and have been blown away by someone somewhere else who can tune in to our horse and accurately receive information. Your bodyworker or vet finds sore spots you didn't even know were there and you think, 'Amazing, but I could never do that.'

Well, I believe you can.  At it's core Integrative Horsemanship is founded in the belief that we are all capable of working on this level with our horses.

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