2018 Free Introduction to Body Language:


Welcome!  Here you will find all of the content for the free 2018 Body Language Mini Course.

Welcome Message

Uploaded by Andrea Datz on 2017-12-31.

course content for week 1: what our body language is communicating to our horses


Link to PDF 16 page manual for the course: Intro to Body Language

Here is the video that is referenced in this audio file.

audio transcripts of manual part 2 and the guided exploration

course content for week 2: how our horses interpret what we're saying

illustrated conversations with sundance

To discover what a body language based conversation might look like in the early stages: 

A Conversation with Sundance

And here is a link to a document you can download of the same conversation with Sundance - this is an excerpt from Part 5 of the 2017 Online Class: 

PDF link

video demonstration of how leading style impacts the conversation. Demonstration with Steve and I dancing tango. 

Sometimes it's easier to understand a concept when we take the horse out of the picture and see what it's like to do the same things we do with horses with a person.  This was an excerpt from the 2017 online class so there is an introduction before the demonstration in which I talk about the importance of balance in working with horses.  It's relevant to body language so enjoy.

30 minute demonstration of me working with Kastani

This is a video from the 2017 course.  In it I'm demonstrating what it looks like when Kastani accurately responds to my body language.   It's all too easy to think it's the tool we use that cues the horse but it really should be our body.  This session also illustrates how I develop the dialogue on the ground and take it into a first bareback ride in over two years.

Live chat videos from the facebook page

Farewell chat for the Intro to Body Language.

Live chat number 1:


  • How to know when to stop
  • Preferred body position while interacting with horses
  • Eye contact
  • Grounding and how grounding feels for me
  • Working with horses that are new to you - especially if they come with baggage

Sunday Morning Week 1 Wrap- live chat number 2

Topics Covered:

  • How do we use our body language to support our horses if they are stressed or frightened?
  • What do we do when we have a horse in regular work and they start walking away when we go to catch them?
  • Types of communication our horses are capable of perceiving that go beyond visual body
  • What does a chatty horse "look" like?

I ended up talking quite a bit about traumatized horses and how that happens in the training process, how we recognize it and how we can begin to work with it. I also touched on the concept of animal communication. They wanted me to talk all day but I took pity on those who have to watch this later - still it's an hour - sorry about that!

Live Chat number 3

topics covered:

  • Working with a herd together
  • Once you open the door to working this way how do you keep things moving forward
  • How do you take this way of interacting into daily training and riding
  • How do you interact with the different personalities within a herd?

Farewell chat for the Intro to Body Language.

Topics covered:

  • How to interpret and work with recurring behaviors: determining their meaning and resolving them. (snaking neck, herding behavior, mouth on hand while leading, nipping while leading).
  • Closing thoughts for the Introduction: tying the two weeks together
  • Introduction to the topics for the next session beginning January 22nd.