Andrea Datz Integrative Horsemanship

Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses


'Andrea is a master at helping others learn to communicate more fluidly with horses, whether in the saddle, on the ground, doing liberty work, body work -- you name it.  The insights she has to offer are truly transformative for the relationship between horses and the humans who love them.'

The relationship between horse and human is unique. It's based in communication via body language, movement and our capacity to empathize or resonate with one another. My passion is teaching people how to understand what their horses are telling them on the deepest of levels. And the other side of that coin, how and what we convey via our own body language. How do we communicate effectively and compassionately with each other? How do we learn to dance with together?

I can go in many directions with these workshops and like to customize them to fit the needs of the students and their horses. At the end of the day the horses become our guides to what we most need to learn. We'll improvise together, learning to adapt and be fluid in creating mutually beneficial interactions with our horses.

I'm available to travel on a limited basis or you can come here for a workshop or customized immersion program (one on one or small, private groups) for a weekend or a week.

The most common workshop themes are:

Beyond Body Language: Focused on expanding our awareness, how to make good use of our senses to guide us in identifying and working with any issues our horses may have. Develop practical skills that develop your intuition, your capacity to touch and create movement that is therapeutic in nature.

Tango with Horses: Following the the theme of the improvisational, social dance, Argentine Tango. These workshops focus on how we connect and move together. From ground work to the saddle, learn how to communicate effectively through how you move and carry yourself. This is the heart of compassionate horsemanship - we learn to adapt and respond fluidly to the horse's responses to our suggestions.

2019 workshops


Registration opening soon.

Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses Introduction

Restoration Ranch in Fruita, Colorado

March 2, 3

April 6, 7

June 1, 2

Speigel Farm in Campobello South, Carolina.

May 3, 4, 5

Contact me if you'd like to host a clinic in your area or make arrangements for a visit to the farm to work with me one on one or in private groups.