Andrea Datz Tango with Horses

Summer and Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

September 6, 7, 8: Fruita, CO

September 28, 29, 30: TRyon area of South Carolina

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'Andrea is a master at helping others learn to communicate more fluidly with horses, whether in the saddle, on the ground, doing liberty work, body work -- you name it.  The insights she has to offer are truly transformative for the relationship between horses and the humans who love them.'

Tango with Horses is an invitation to embrace slow horsemanship. Slow horsemanship is a call to embody sustainable, ethical ways of relating to horses, to our own needs, and to the environment as a whole. This is an invitation to join the intimate dance of life going on all around us, gain access to instinct, intuition, and the confidence to follow our unique path.

Discovering your strengths builds emotional fitness so you can be the inspired, confident partner your horse deserves.

Communication through movement in South Carolina

Communication through movement in South Carolina

My workshops are not your typical clinic. Where most clinics focus on how we get our horses to do the things we want, these workshops focus on how we improve ourselves. They are unmounted excursions into developing our own skills:

Beyond Body Language: Focuses on expanding our awareness, learning to make good use of our senses to guide us, both in identifying and working with any issues our horses may have, but also how to take better care of ourselves. Learn practical skills that develop your capacity to resonate, access your intuition, and refine your capacity to touch, and create movement that is therapeutic in nature.

Tango with Horses: Following the theme of the improvisational, social dance, Argentine Tango, we explore how we connect and move together. Through unmounted, experiential activities and exercises, learn how to communicate effectively through how you move and carry yourself. This is the heart of compassionate horsemanship - we learn to adapt and respond fluidly to the horse's responses to our suggestions.

By developing our own skills first, we come back to our horses ready to engage in a whole new way of interacting with them. We practice our skills on one another so we bring our best selves to our horses. This is subtle stuff and receiving verbal feedback is useful in refining and embodying our skills.

General Workshop Topi


Waking up our Senses:

  • Understanding how the nervous system of horse and human gathers information from the world

  • Expanding our sensory awareness to include Resonance or the Electromagnetic field of the Heart to connect and communicate

Waking up our Bodies:

  • Developing greater body awareness and sensitivity to how we feel and how we move through the world

  • Movement practices that build the strength, balance and coordination necessary to communicate clearly as a dance partner

Learn to Dance:

  • Fundamentals of communicating through touch and movement

  • Redefining the roles of leader and follower to find mutually empowering ways of interacting with each other and our horses

Contact Andrea if you would like to set up a workshop in your area, apply to come to Colorado as a working student for up to two weeks, or find out more information about workshop options to suit your needs.

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