Andrea Datz Integrative Horsemanship

Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses


'Andrea is a master at helping others learn to communicate more fluidly with horses, whether in the saddle, on the ground, doing liberty work, body work -- you name it.  The insights she has to offer are truly transformative for the relationship between horses and the humans who love them.'

  • Are you interested in finding a kinder, gentler way to reach your equestrian goals but don’t know how to begin?

  • Would you like to gain confidence in your own instincts and intuition?

  • Would you like to understand how to communicate with your horse with compassion and clarity?

  • Are you an equine professional looking to improve your ability to teach the subtler aspects of riding, bodywork, training?

The relationship between horse and human is unique. It's based in communication via body language, movement and our capacity to empathize, or resonate with one another. My passion is teaching people how to understand what their horses are telling them on the deepest of levels. And the other side of that coin, how and what we convey via our own body language. How do we communicate effectively, and compassionately with each other? How do we learn to dance together?

My workshops are not your typical clinic. They are unmounted excursions into developing our own skills:

  • Beyond Body Language: Focused on expanding our awareness, how to make good use of our senses to guide us in identifying and working with any issues our horses may have. Develop practical skills that develop your intuition, your capacity to touch and create movement that is therapeutic in nature.

  • Tango with Horses: Following the theme of the improvisational, social dance, Argentine Tango. We’ll explore how we connect and move together. Through unmounted, experiential activities and exercises, learn how to communicate effectively through how you move and carry yourself. This is the heart of compassionate horsemanship - we learn to adapt and respond fluidly to the horse's responses to our suggestions.

By developing our own skills first, we come back to our horses ready to engage in a whole new way of interacting with them. We practice our skills on one another so we bring our best selves to our horses. This is subtle stuff and receiving verbal feedback is useful in refining and embodying our skills.

  • Learn to expand and refine your senses, developing your capacity to feel what your horse is feeling

  • Refine your understanding of how to approach and make contact with horses, the all important invitation to dance

  • Body awareness, functional alignment, and movement designed to improve our confidence and understanding of how to move in a way horses understand, and find interesting.

  • Taking our movement into relationship with each other and the horses on the ranch: how do we move effectively, together?

During workshops at Restoration Ranch in Fruita you have the opportunity to work with a herd of horses already versed in this way of interacting with people. They give honest feedback and insight you can take home to your horses.

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Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses Introduction

Restoration Ranch in Fruita, Colorado

May 10, 11, 12

June 7, 8, 9

September 6, 7, 8

October 18, 19, 20

Contact me if you'd like to host a clinic in your area or make arrangements for a visit to the farm to work with me one on one or in private groups.