2019 Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses

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Welcome!  Here you will find all of the audio files posted in response to questions asked during class:

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Questions from Class:


It’s important to remember that whatever our horse does in response to us is information about THEM, not necessarily about US. It behooves us to listen and respond appropriately when they start opening up to us.

A bit about training philosophy September 24:

The question keeps coming up about how to stop using treats to reward our horses, so, here are my thoughts on that subject as it relates to the broader topic of training philosophy.

A bit about training philosophy July 9:

questions from class March 14:

  1. Body work to support older horses

  2. Thoughts on metabolic issues in horses

  3. Working with resonance in a way that doesn’t slam you

Questions from Class February 25:

  1. Accessing our ability to perceive

  2. Somatic Movement and emotional release

  3. Clicker Training thoughts

Boundaries and personal Space:

Question: Setting boundaries and defining personal space with our horses, particularly in regards to mouthy horses. We can whisper our boundaries, we don’t have to shout. I talk about clarity in our body language, owning your space.

How to catch a horse in a herd when the other horses want to mob you

Giving our horses a voice and still getting things done


  1. How do I support my horse, that worries, while trailering to a clinic where she will be a demo horse? How do I advocate for my horse in the face of potentially judgemental people?

  2. What if I really need to catch my horse for the vet or farrier, for example, and they walk away? How long should I pursue that?

  3. How do you honor your horse’s voice and still have goals?


Recognizing anxiety around haltering:

I share some thoughts and stories about setting up haltering as an invitation. Recognizing signs of anxiety and how to work with that.

Grounding and Connecting to others:

Part 1: “Guided meditation”: I talk you through my ‘pre-flight’ checklist for connecting with others.

Part 2: I do a first long distance session with Luci and talk you through that process.


Question: How do I protect myself from all the negativity/from picking up on other people’s stuff and still keep my heart open?

Working with Intuitive Information:


  1. How do I verify or validate intuitive impressions?

  2. Can emotions get trapped during trauma and how do we release them/can they be released for us?

Lucy Sessions:

Long Distance with Luci #2

Talking through a second session with Luci. Talked a bit about the nervous system and it’s connection to diaphragm, kidneys and adrenals. Very interesting session.

Long Distance with Lucy #3

Talking through the third session with Lucy.

Voice over for video:

Talking through my observations as George works with Lucy for 30 minutes. March 4th

SUndance Sessions:

Long Distance with Sundance

Sundance was lamer than normal today so I did a long distance session followed by bodywork. I don’t know why I don’t do more of this with my own horse