2019 Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses

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Welcome!  Here you will find all of the audio files posted in response to questions asked during class:

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Questions from Class:

A bit about training philosophy July 9:

questions from class March 14:

  1. Body work to support older horses

  2. Thoughts on metabolic issues in horses

  3. Working with resonance in a way that doesn’t slam you

Questions from Class February 25:

  1. Accessing our ability to perceive

  2. Somatic Movement and emotional release

  3. Clicker Training thoughts

Boundaries and personal Space:

Question: Setting boundaries and defining personal space with our horses, particularly in regards to mouthy horses. We can whisper our boundaries, we don’t have to shout. I talk about clarity in our body language, owning your space.

How to catch a horse in a herd when the other horses want to mob you

Giving our horses a voice and still getting things done


  1. How do I support my horse, that worries, while trailering to a clinic where she will be a demo horse? How do I advocate for my horse in the face of potentially judgemental people?

  2. What if I really need to catch my horse for the vet or farrier, for example, and they walk away? How long should I pursue that?

  3. How do you honor your horse’s voice and still have goals?


Recognizing anxiety around haltering:

I share some thoughts and stories about setting up haltering as an invitation. Recognizing signs of anxiety and how to work with that.

Grounding and Connecting to others:

Part 1: “Guided meditation”: I talk you through my ‘pre-flight’ checklist for connecting with others.

Part 2: I do a first long distance session with Luci and talk you through that process.


Question: How do I protect myself from all the negativity/from picking up on other people’s stuff and still keep my heart open?

Working with Intuitive Information:


  1. How do I verify or validate intuitive impressions?

  2. Can emotions get trapped during trauma and how do we release them/can they be released for us?

Lucy Sessions:

Long Distance with Luci #2

Talking through a second session with Luci. Talked a bit about the nervous system and it’s connection to diaphragm, kidneys and adrenals. Very interesting session.

Long Distance with Lucy #3

Talking through the third session with Lucy.

Voice over for video:

Talking through my observations as George works with Lucy for 30 minutes. March 4th

SUndance Sessions:

Long Distance with Sundance

Sundance was lamer than normal today so I did a long distance session followed by bodywork. I don’t know why I don’t do more of this with my own horse