Integrative Horsemanship Online Classes

You are about to embark on a journey into what may be unfamiliar territory.  If we let them, horses are our best guides to access what James Hillman referred to as, ‘recovering the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses.’

Horses connect with the world around them and communicate through subtle means.  Together we step into their world and learn what it feels like to be in direct communication with each other and the world around us. With our horse's help we'll explore what it feels like to share movement as a way to communicate, connect and thrive!


2018 Series:  Communication through Movement


This is an online class that is designed to be self paced.  While it is divided into 5 short courses, the courses are designed to progress in a logical fashion throughout the year, one topic leading into the next.  Participants may choose to immerse themselves in the course for the entire year or simply pick and choose from the short courses offered.  The theme for this year is communication through movement.  Some of our topics will include:

  • How our body language influences our ability to connect and communicate with horses.
  • Where does movement come from?  How do we initiate movement in ourselves and in our horses?
  • What are the qualities that make us magnetic leaders that horses follow willingly?
  • Learn about the things that disrupt our ability to move together in harmony and how to resolve them.

At the heart of all of this is learning to listen, to our horses and to our own heart.  The short courses listed are subject to change as I typically adapt the course to suit the needs of the year long students as we go. 

Options for Participation for new students:

Short Courses:

There are five short courses scheduled for 2018.  Each course runs for 4 weeks of official class time with one week in between for catch up, integration and questions.  Participants receive an email each Monday morning during scheduled course time, linking them to relevant course material.  A private Facebook page is created for each short course where participants can interact with one another and ask me questions.  Students my register for short courses a la carte or as part of the year long immersion.

Price per course:  $190

Year Long immersion:

The year long immersion includes access to all 5 short courses.  Students of the immersion will have access to the Facebook group for each short course but will also have access to a private forum that is not on Facebook.  This gives the immersion students a more private venue and a consistent community to share with throughout the year.  Immersion students have unlimited access to input from me through the forum during the course dates and during breaks.  The first three courses run from January 1 - May 18 and the last two from August 13 - December 14.  There is a summer break and a winter break where no new content will be posted but I will be available to continue to work with students.

price: $400

NOTE:  If you have participated in a year long immersion in 2016 or 2017 you may review any short course for $80 per course.  If you would like to review the entire year you may do that for $140 for the year.
If you are one of those intrepid folks who participated in both 2016 and 2017 you may review 2 short courses free or participate for the year for $95.

Year Long Immersion (advanced course):

If you participated in the 2017 year long immersion and would like to continue on from where we left off I am offering a track that parallels the regular immersion.  Students would participate along with the new students as review but would also get additional materials each week that take the explorations deeper and make them relevant to what you are doing with your horses now.

Price: $140

2018 Courses:

Click on the images to read more about each course

The site is still under construction.  The rest of the sessions with full course descriptions will be up soon.  Meanwhile here are the dates and brief descriptions:

Session 3: April 30- June 3, 2018 - Body Language: How we communicate with each other on a physical level

Time to work with advanced students on topics of their choosing:  July 2 - August 3, 2018

Session 4: August 13- September 21, 2018 - Resonance, willingness versus obedience, working through trauma and/or conflict, body work

Session 5: October 1 - November 9, 2018 - Taking body language into motion.  Sharing movement with our horses

November 26- December 14, 2018:  Review and Integration for Year Long Immersion Students

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