2018 Series 1

The Foundations of Perception

Week 4:  February 12-18, 2018

Expanding our Senses


All of life has been gifted with the ability to sense and respond to the world.  ‘Senses’ serve a practical purpose.  They help us navigate our environment and interact with other life forms to co-create and co-exist in harmony.  Our senses alert us of potential threats, help us identify foods, and water sources that are safe.  They also help us have full, rich, enlivened experiences of all the tastes, textures, sounds and sights that make our lives worth living.  Waking up to life as a multi-sensory experience can be intoxicating, bringing us into the moment like nothing else.  

This is the world our horses live in all the time. 

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Week 4:  Expanding our Senses

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Sensory Gating Mechanisms and resonance:  Sensory gating mechanisms allow us to dial our individual senses up or down and are useful to understand.  Resonance is what I call our natural ability to mirror those around us.  It's part of a mammal's survival mechanism to be able to instantly read what's going on in a herd, for example, and respond. 


Connecting with Sundance via sending my roots and opening my heart.  This is a video from last year's online class that I thought might be of interest given the questions that have been popping up on the forum this last week.  At this time Sundance was still quite skeptical about being approached with a halter.  He's also highly food motivated so pulling his attention away from grass can be a big deal.  This was July of last year and among the first videos I shot with the new Go Pro.  Please forgive the odd camera angles!  I hadn't quite figured out how to frame myself!

more information about how our body and mind cope with stress and trauma:  an article a wrote a few years back:  Falling down and getting back up