2018 Series 1

The Foundations of Perception

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January 22- 28, 2018

course content for week 1: Self-Awareness

Welcome to week 1!

Summary of week 1

Let’s begin with a bit of self-discovery.  We’ve all heard this before, but if we aren’t taking good care of ourselves it impacts every facet of our lives.  It seriously disrupts our capacity to communicate or connect with others, especially our horses!

Topics to be covered: Finding our health and coming into relationship with the bedrock of what is already working for us:

  • embodiment
  • self-care

The basis for healthy interaction with our horses and the world around us.  

Course Content for Week 1: Self-awareness

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Following is a link to a clip from one of my favorite videos about movement. It follows Mabel Todd’s legacy to modern days and the introduction is a fabulous example of what we are capable of when we move. 

The Thinking Body: The Legacy of Mabel Todd

Take a look at the video and begin to imagine creative ways to get yourself in touch with your own body and how it moves.  So many people I speak with about various forms of movement begin the conversation by telling me what they can’t do because of this or that injury or health issue or time constraint or…..

But we can all move – maybe I don’t have access to a way to go learn a formal movement form – but do have access to my body and I can move it somehow.  Start to explore what it feels like in your body.  What does it feel like when you move?  If you have an injury or a physical restriction can you find a way to move that does work?  If you can’t, can you find a way to simply allow yourself to be supported by your chair, feeling the weight of your bones settle into the seat? 

Mabel Todd was one of the pioneers in the mind/ body wellness connection. A dedicated group of students carry on her work today. Excerpt from 20 minute documentary. Director: Lorraine Corfield

Bonus material:

This is a link to a document filled with a wide variety of ideas and explorations for helping you navigate just about anything that might come up as you start to expand your awareness and explore being more present in your body including:

  • My favorite version of grounding as discussed in the welcome video
  • Using grounding as an assessment tool
  • Standing on Common Ground
  • Dealing with Empathic Overwhelm
  • Navigating the World with an Open Heart
  • Speaking in Heart Voice
  • Trusting the Chair
  • A Conference Call Guided Meditation/ Q and A from a few years ago
  • Common Pitfalls for Empaths and Healers

PDF:  Some of My Favorite Ways of Connecting and Feeling Safe While Doing So

This is a video of what a movement session looks like for me these days.  This was a spontaneous exploration.  I listened to my body and did what I felt called to do.  It's great to learn a variety of tools, but in the end be able to apply them in spontaneous ways.  Novelty plays an important role in body awareness!

Most of what I did in this video happened to be BioSomatic Movement - Carol Welch is my mentor in this work:  www.biosomatics.com - should this kind of movement appeal to you, she has dvd's for sale on her website on working with various parts of your body. Her work has been instrumental in getting me sound and keeping me sound!