FREE: Introduction to Body Language

January 1-12, 2018

"The body says what words cannot."  -  Martha Graham

What are you telling your horse?

What is your horse telling you?

Studies show we believe body language more than words.  Our bodies don’t lie. How we move and carry ourselves tells the world how we feel and what we’re thinking.  Horses communicate almost exclusively via the non-verbal signals known as body language.  They are masters at reading every subtle nuance.  Our horses respond to every movement, every gesture, and the energy and intention behind them.  

They assume we are fluent in the same language.  That we can read their body language as easily as they read and respond to ours. 

Developing a better understanding of what we are unconsciously communicating to our horses and what our horses are communicating to us via their responses to our requests is key to harmonious relationships with horses.  If we master their language we harness the capacity to engage in shared movement free of the necessity for training a conditioned response, positive reinforcement, or any of the myriad methods available to induce cooperation. 

Our horses will choose to follow us because we are interesting and we speak their language!  This is the larger topic that will be discussed in depth throughout 2018.


Week 1: January 1-5

What are we communicating to our horses?

Topics to be covered:

  • What our body language conveys to our horses.
  • How our body language impacts our horse’s behavior as well as their ability to respond to our requests .
  • The importance of being congruent between posture, energy, intention and thought.
  • Utilizing our horse’s feedback to guide us in finding more clarity rather than seeking to change their behavior .

Week 2: January 8-12

What are our horses are telling us?

Topics to be covered: 

  • Interpreting our horse's body language in response to our requests. 
  • What does their behavior and movement tell us about how they feel? 
  • How do we change our approach in response to our horse's feedback? 
  • Learning to listen to our horses.

Course Format:

Participants receive an e-mail Monday mornings for the two weeks the course runs, beginning January 1st. The e-mail will contain written material, video and audio files of the written material that can be downloaded and listened to on the way to work, for example. You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and I’ll be available to answer questions and engage in discussions for the duration of the course. 

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