Horses connect with each other and humans naturally.  It is an ability that transcends all boundaries. They offer honesty and heart to anyone open to hear it. The herd and I are on a mission to help people learn to listen with an open heart, to honor the sentience and intelligence of horses and integrate intuitive art with the science of horsemanship.    

Are you seeking to grow a deeper connection to your horse or horses? Do you want to learn effective ways to build closer relationship? Andrea and the herd can help you on your path with Horses!


 About Andrea Datz

Andrea Datz helps transform the lives of the horses under her care. Spanning more than 25 years, Andrea's breadth of expertise proves effective in the most complicated and extreme cases. Her specialty is in rehabilitating horses that would normally be given up on. She believes in the inherent value of all horses and wants to see them whole and healthy in mind, body and spirit. She uses her extensive knowledge in body work, biomechanics, nutrition and the horse/human relationship combined with creativity and intuition to provide for the horse's deep healing and recovery. Issues ranging from chronic lameness, behavioral challenges, to PTSD are welcomed!


Restoration Ranch

What we do here is a team effort.  The horses are the guides, shaping everything we do.