August 15, 2019 second session

Today I decided to leave Kastani in the dry lot and work with him before I turned him out to pasture. I wasn’t sure if his lack of enthusiasm yesterday was because i pulled him off of pasture or something else so this is an experiment. I do know that I keep waiting to start too late in the morning. It’s just relentlessly hot and that may be part of why he’s less energetic than he was a few weeks back.

It’s always interesting to do these things with a camera running. I definitely feel the pressure to get something done. To work with him whether my heart is in it or not, whether his heart is in it or not. But I also recognize and remember that sometimes it takes three or four days for a horse to become interested and enthusiastic about working again. He’s been on vacation after all.

I almost get the sense he resents the 2 week break. I think he was feeling good in his body and isn’t thrilled with having to lose ground and regain it. Memo to myself, he does not hold what we build for 2 weeks yet!

Today was another day of finding him off on circles to the left so more bodywork and assessment. He did a lot of processing and again by the end almost seemed more stuck than when we started despite looking quite a bit better in his body and no longer dragging his feet.

My sense is that I’m stirring up some old emotional stuff.



Now I have enough information to take my step 1 and break it down to a starting point:

I have a lot of theories right now so tomorrow I’ll test some things to see if I can narrow it down even further.

scan145 (2).jpg