August 17, 2019 a pause

I had the best of intentions to get out early this morning, feed and work with Kastani before it got too hot.

A poor night’s sleep left me with little energy and it was already quite hot by 7:30.

Sometimes it pays to recognize my own limitations. Let go of my agenda. And just take a day off.

Kastani, for his part, seemed like he was waiting for me.

All the other horses went marching right out to pasture. Kastani stood waiting in the paddock. When he did come out he stopped beside me and presented his back side. I did some massage on his hamstrings and stretching his tail. He really seemed like he had picked up on my intention to work him this morning but when I explained my change of heart he headed on out to pasture.

I have officially let go of my agenda.

I still have this overarching goal of riding him in two weeks but also recognize some things go stirred up. There is no rushing this process - even if I do want to share the riding pieces with my class!

Time to take a breath and regroup.