Defining My Dream

One of the things I’m realizing about myself recently is that I don’t tend to dream quite big enough.

It’s been some years since I took a break from riding. I can feel the desire returning. The desire to apply all the horses have taught me, my newfound strength and confidence from doing Parkour and MovNat, and see if it’s possible to ride in a way that feels good to me and to Kastani.

I’ve chosen Kastani for my dance partner for this 2 week workshop and I’m setting the goal of riding him by the end of the two weeks.

It’s been a long time coming. Kastani is the first horse I ever started. We butt heads a lot back then and ultimately I felt I couldn’t give him what he most wanted - LOOONG trail rides! - he left us for 8 years and got to be a trail horse. When his person could no longer keep him she brought him back, per our agreement. Now in his early 20’s Kastani was out of shape and rather disconnected. It’s been a bit of a journey of intermittent time spent reconnecting with him over the last few years.

Finally, this year, I broke through his shell and he seemed to actually be happy to interact with me. I’ve no doubt he had memories from our previous time together and was skeptical. Now he seems clear he is home for good and he’s ready to bond with me. I fall more in love with him and his sense of humor every day.

So my dream is to ride Kastani again. My way. With him fully on board.

To have Kastani be the horse who carries me into this new era and helps me define what riding means to me.

I see us moving together in mutual alignment, strength and independence. I feel his power and grace as he carries me. My sense of freedom and joy as he moves freely with power. The late summer air smell of dust, grass and horse as we fly through the pasture, the wind cooling us both.

I feel confident, strong and capable up there. Kastani enjoys the time together and seeks me out for more.

As fall progresses I see us trailering out to the desert for quiet rides together exploring nature.

I can’t wait to get started!