August 20, Session 5

Today I went out with a renewed sense of purpose. I didn’t feel as tired as I have but I still notice that my energy can be low but I’m combating that by playing music on my phone.

When I went out to the pasture today he was grazing with determination. I now see this as a test to see if I am really in that place of flow. I tried just moving, nothing. Then I tried putting the rope around his neck. Nothing. Then he shifted and placed his rear in front of me so I did a little massage. Then I turned on some upbeat music and he finally decided I was committed and allowed me to halter him.

Nothing of note leading in.

When I groomed him today he really leaned in on a point at the upper front edge of his scapula. He really wanted me to dig deep and massage there. This went on all across his withers on the left side, into his upper back and down the back edge of his shoulder blade. Wow. He’s never asked for anything like this before. I finally gave up and used my elbow because my fingers couldn’t take it.

He followed me nicely and his figure eight is looking better.

Fairly soon we shifted to work in hand since it seems to be his preference.

He was not quite as busy with his mouth but still twisting his head in funny ways and chewing a lot. Still believe he’s working something out. Today I noticed especially that he wants to drop his left shoulder in towards me.

In the end he got some good straight steps where he was quiet in his mouth and had a spring in his step. I noticed he was falling forward often so we started to work on collecting his walk for balance control. This was hard for him - he does love his power walk!

We were able to get a few short trot transitions. Hooray! I feel like we’re coming back together and it feels so very good.