August 24, Session 7

I woke up feeling highly motivated and actually got outside at a decent hour, thus avoiding some of the heat!

Kastani was out to pasture grazing away. Likely he felt he hadn’t quite had enough time out there when I showed up and he is really testing me. He’s requiring me to dig deep and really show him that I have the energy to engage with him with some enthusiasm. At least for now, I’m finding music on my phone is the thing that gives us both something to focus on.

Nothing much to note during grooming. He’s not wanting me to rub so deeply anymore. He is still presenting his rear end from time to time so still working that out. He got a good grooming and then I decided to fine tune the balance on his front feet. This was useful. He seemed to be having a bit of trouble balancing and still struggles with mobility in his shoulders which make holding his front legs up a challenge. We got some fine tuning on both fronts. I’ll work on the hinds tomorrow. I still feel like I need to work a bit on his toes but we’re getting close.

Then Aero came over and absolutely insisted on having some attention paid to his hind quarters. He was threatening to knock over the tub that held all my tools. So, I succumbed and found myself elbow deep in his left hip. This is a big no no and I know better. I am usually so careful not to disengage from the horse I am working with but I did today and left Kastani hanging. Which I just think is horribly rude and disrespectful, as though he has nothing better to do than stand around and wait for me.

Then, to add insult to injury I realized I left my pad for the lunge surcingle behind and elected to run to the tack room and grab it. Leaving him hanging yet again. Every time I disengage like that I have to find a way to reconnect and it can only happen so many times before a horse just loses interest. Sorry buddy… Clearly need to work on my focus!

We did a bit of figure eight and he was a bit stuck going left again. Hard to know, given how disjointed my connection with him has been if this was because I did some shifting of things with his feet or if he was just questioning my intentions since I’d been so disorganized and easily pulled away. And, we had a day off. I do know he tends to do best if we just get on with it and not review or belabor things too much so I went ahead and tacked him up. Second time in surcingle and long reins.

Today was not as smooth as the 22nd. I’m anxious to get some consistency here and get multiple days in a row so we can make some genuine forward progress. About half way through long lining I realized I was being pretty nit picky about his head and neck position. We were both over thinking things is what it felt like. Finally I just tuned into the music that was playing and said lets just go move and quit worrying about all this fussy stuff. That was the ticket! Much better after that. I’ll be curious to see what I see on the video captured today.

I need to see what I have tomorrow before I feel like I can take another look at my riding goal to determine what our next step is and when.