2018 Series 4

Recovery from Physical or Emotional Stress or Trauma

August 13 - September 16, 2018

course content

Welcome!  Here you will find all of the content for the Recover from Physical or Emotional Stress or Trauma Course in the order in which it is presented in class.

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Summary of Session 4 Recovery from physical or emotional stress or trauma:

We’ve spent a lot of time this year talking about things that might get in the way of fluid, dynamic communication between horse and human. We’ve also spent a lot of time learning about ourselves and learning how to listen to our horses. There’s a reason for all the time spent on these small details. And that’s because in this session we’ll get down to brass tacks as we begin the process of bringing our skills to bear in helping people and horses with challenges.

How do we utilize all these wonderful new skills to help individuals (self, horse or another person) recover from the effects of stress, trauma or injury? How do we help our horses work through potentially stressful situations without traumatizing them? How do we build trust where trust has been badly broken? And how do we find in roads with horses suffering from post-traumatic stress symptoms?

More important to me, how do we interact with our horses in ways that create a confident, resilient partnership? How do we prevent injury? Prevent undo stress and avoid traumatizing ourselves or our horse, or others?

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing the tools I’ve developed with the help of the horses who’ve crossed my path over the years.

Week 1: Recovery from emotional stress or trauma

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