Starting Over

Rio and I a few years ago.

Rio and I a few years ago.

As I finish up the last bits of course content for the 2018 Online Class I realize I desperately need some video of me demonstrating some of the ridden concepts. The problem is I haven’t been riding anyone and when I started thinking about who would be the best candidate for what I wanted to demonstrate, Rio came up. Historically he’s been reluctant about being in the spotlight, but for some reason when he came up this time, it felt like his idea. To make sure I wasn’t imagining things I touched base with Theresa. Yep, he wants to do it and he’s rather excited about it. Yay!

His request: we practice together a bit before turning the camera on. I can get behind that.

It’s funny, it’s like since I had the all clear from Rio and Theresa confirmed, I somehow thought I would just go out there and hop on him bareback as though no time had passed between us. I’ve been imagining sitting on him bareback and just hanging out as a way to help me find some peace amidst Mom’s cancer diagnosis and all that goes with walking that journey along side her. Of course my day was full yesterday but I was determined to sit on him, even if for only a few minutes. Marched down there at evening feeding time and started throwing hay. I thought he might be okay with me just hanging out for a minute (on his back) while he ate. Not so much. I wish I had the looks on his face on camera as I dragged an upended water tank around to where he was eating, he’d move off to another hay pile, so I dragged the mounting block in from the arena and just put it near him and sat on it listening to him munch his hay. I’ll just hang out and connect, I thought. He moved off again. Not having it.

I can be a little thick when I’m excited. Message received, ‘I love you, but not now, not like this.’

Last night I decided to break out the equestrian journal gifted me by Catherine Respess. I put Rio’s name on it and yesterday as the start date. I decided to lay out a plan and make a start fresh with Rio. How do I re-start using the principles I teach?

I developed a hypothesis:

What if I connect first? By that I mean spending time with him just being together, no halter, maybe grooming, but even more than that, sitting in my house in the wee hours of the morning meditating, sending out my roots, connecting with myself, connecting with him, resonating, and seeing what comes up? How might that change the quality of our interactions in person?