2018 Series 2

Deciphering What Your Horse is Telling You

Week 1:  Resonance and the electromagnetic field of the heart

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March 5 - 11, 2018

course content for week 1:

Resonance and the electromagnetic field of the heart

Welcome to week 1!

Summary of week 1

All beings - even you - are hardwired to use the electromagnetic fields of our organs as sensors and receivers. Extending beyond our physical body, interacting with the electromagnetic fields of everything else on the planet. We have evolved to transmit information within this electromagnetic field.  This makes it possible to send and receive information to and from our horses, other beings in our vicinity, and the environment itself via direct communication between our energetic fields. 

It’s really pretty ingenious if you think about it.  How efficient is it to exchange information without even saying a word?  It’s instantaneous and complete.

We can learn to resonate with our horses as a way to understand, interpret and make use of the information our horse is sending us.  The applications for this way of sending and receiving information are endless!

Course Content for Week 1:

resonance and the electromagnetic field of the heart



Links to PDF Documents:

Week 1: Resonance and the Electromagnetic Field of the Heart

Explorations:  Learning to feel energetic boundaries and how to work with resonance

Here are the audio recordings of the written material.  I've split it into two shorter segments so it's easier to download and listen to.

Video demonstration of concepts:

In this video you'll see me interact with four different horses.  I approached each one with the idea of paying attention to feeling for or otherwise noticing when I touched their energetic boundaries, noticing when they invited me into their space, politely haltering them, spending time near them while focusing on the electromagnetic field of my heart (mostly with the idea of allowing them to see who I am and what my intentions toward them were in that moment and asking them if there is anything they would like to share with me or show me so that I could practice receiving information with my heart), when the horses shared things with me I practiced resonating with what they showed me and then following where I was led by them to doing whatever they seemed to be asking for in the moment.

Bonus materials:

Here is a link to a document sharing a story from me and a story from Kim about how these ideas can look in practice. 

PDF LinkPrinciples in Practice

Live chat video:  March 10th.

Topics Covered:

1. How does it work to use these tools long distance?

I'll go over my approach to making long distance connections and answer this question:

Alice Begin In person, I use sight and all senses. From a distance, people use pictures. But these capture a specific past moment, and do not represent the present. So how does that work? I am pretty sure my mind just goes to work on a printed or imagined image.

2. Do you use your voice as a tool? Are there times when you do and you don't?

I do use my voice. But as a way to convey emotion or intention not as an aid (as in teaching my horse to walk, trot, canter or halt on voice command) and I'll explain why I prefer not to when I do the live chat. How much or how little I talk depends on the horse. Some horses benefit greatly from on going dialogue. Some seem distracted by it. Sometimes it helps me stay calm and clarify my intention when a horse tends to be wound up. At the end of the day what matters is what feels most natural to you and seems to support your relationship with your horse.

3. How long to wait if a horse says no? I will put more in the comments.

This is a question that’s come up for me several times. I watched Laurie Ward’s video with Done. I read Anna Blake’s blog from yesterday. So, how would you know whether you just kept asking until the horse gave in to your request because you didn’t go away even though the horse said no at first. I feel that maybe I kind of know the answer- in Anna Blake’s case the ongoing conversation and perhaps same with Laurie Ward and Done? Anyway - that’s in my mind.