Andrea Datz Tango with Horses

2019 Slow Horsemanship Retreats

At Restoration ranch in Fruita, Colorado

Registration is now open!

Remove your Roadblocks:

Introduction to Integrated Training and Bodwork

September 6, 7, 8 2019

Featuring the combined expertise of:

Andrea Datz: equine body language, body awareness and communication through movement

Joyce Harader: holistic horse and human bodyworker, instructor Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Karin Denny: pre-hab, re-hab and development of human movement and performance

In this foundation workshop we guide you to unlock your potential to bring your best self into relationship with your horse and other beings.

Register soon! Limit 20 participants. This is a hands on, experiential workshop where we will interact with each other and the herd at Restoration Ranch. No need to bring your own horse as you’ll be working on yourself this weekend. Come join us for an enlightening and restorative 3 days!

Who is this workshop for?

Every body and mind is impacted by the daily stressors of living life. As these stressors accumulate, we adapt to a new, often impaired, normal. We come to believe that as we age it’s inevitable, we will lose our ability to do all the things we used to be able to do. When we are immersed in this limited sense of ourselves it can be challenging to imagine a way out. A way forward that allows us to regain, then maintain our best selves, at whatever stage of life we find ourselves in.

Whether you are already doing the things you love, and simply want to learn ways to self-assess, maintain and progress to your next goal, or you have significant challenges that prevent you from pursuing your dreams, this workshop is for you! This foundation workshop helps you clear your own road blocks, engage in your own healing process, so that you have the confidence and capability to be in relationship to your horse, or other beings, with greater ease.

While this workshop is designed as a prerequisite to delve deeper into providing support to your horse, anyone will benefit from this first workshop as the horses assist us in freeing ourselves from our limitations.

Explorations Include:

•    Things that cause horses and humans to become stuck

•    Identify and work with your own mental, emotional and physical challenges.

•    Lay the foundation for being able to work with your horse to identify and support them through issues. Assess, address, re-assess and progress.

•    Develop a path forward with attainable goals for continuing after the workshop.

A little more about integrating bodywork into training:

Integrative Horsemanship is founded on the principle that horse and human improve and grow together. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate:

  • The ability to accurately assess ourselves and our horses throughout our interactions

  • Be capable to creatively address any issues as they arise

  • Re-assess and continue to address the layers that unravel

  • So we may progress together with ease

By first removing our own roadblocks, we lay the foundation to becoming a proficient practitioner for our horses. Comprehensive training as a bodyworker includes active work healing ourselves so we may come to our clients with integrity. We aim to bring this same kind of integrity to the process of training, and engaging in intuitive bodywork with our horses.

Registration is open:

Early bird: deposit received before August 26: $375

Regular price: deposit received after August 26: $425

Register soon! Limit 20 participants, no auditors... we want to keep the group intimate and actively participating. This is not a lecture based course. It's hands on.

All participants receive a downloadable manual covering all the theory behind what we’ll be teaching. The manual will go out to go along with the workshop upon receiving full payment for the workshop.

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If you’d like to spend time one on one with Andrea at the ranch, extended stays after workshops, or working student situations are available.

2014-06-22 16.28.54.jpg

These workshops give you an opportunity to work with Andrea and her herd at their home in scenic desert southwestern Colorado. Unmounted workshops focus on developing the skills required to be the best possible partner for your horses.

Slow Horsemanship Retreats

'Andrea is a master at helping others learn to communicate more fluidly with horses, whether in the saddle, on the ground, doing liberty work, body work -- you name it.  The insights she has to offer are truly transformative for the relationship between horses and the humans who love them.'

Tango with Horses is an invitation to embrace slow horsemanship. Slow horsemanship is a call to embody sustainable, ethical ways of relating to horses, to our own needs, and to the environment as a whole. This is an invitation to join the intimate dance of life going on all around us, gain access to instinct, intuition, and the confidence to follow our unique path.

Discovering your strengths builds emotional fitness so you can be the inspired, confident partner your horse deserves.

This is a retreat for you. Come let your dust settle for a weekend, let your horse stay at home. We must take care of ourselves before we can be truly present for our horses. Come join us as we explore sensory awareness, the subtle nuances of resonance based communication and efficient movement. This retreat is our opportunity to nurture our healthiest self.

Horses already know how to move. They already instinctively understand body language. We do not need to focus on changing anything about the horse. If we instead focus on improving our communication skills so we speak their true language, the language of the heart, we have everything we need to build a genuine partnership when we go home to them.

Come join the ‘Slow Horsemanship’ revolution!

Communication through movement in South Carolina

Communication through movement in South Carolina

My workshops are not your typical clinic. Where most clinics focus on how we get our horses to do the things we want, these workshops focus on how we improve ourselves. They are unmounted excursions into developing our own skills:

Beyond Body Language: Focuses on expanding our awareness, learning to make good use of our senses to guide us, both in identifying and working with any issues our horses may have, but also how to take better care of ourselves. Learn practical skills that develop your capacity to resonate, access your intuition, and refine your capacity to touch, and create movement that is therapeutic in nature.

Tango with Horses: Following the theme of the improvisational, social dance, Argentine Tango, we explore how we connect and move together. Through unmounted, experiential activities and exercises, learn how to communicate effectively through how you move and carry yourself. This is the heart of compassionate horsemanship - we learn to adapt and respond fluidly to the horse's responses to our suggestions.

By developing our own skills first, we come back to our horses ready to engage in a whole new way of interacting with them. We practice our skills on one another so we bring our best selves to our horses. This is subtle stuff and receiving verbal feedback is useful in refining and embodying our skills.

General Workshop Topic


Waking up our Senses:

  • Understanding how the nervous system of horse and human gathers information from the world

  • Expanding our sensory awareness to include Resonance or the Electromagnetic field of the Heart to connect and communicate

Waking up our Bodies:

  • Developing greater body awareness and sensitivity to how we feel and how we move through the world

  • Movement practices that build the strength, balance and coordination necessary to communicate clearly as a dance partner

Learn to Dance:

  • Fundamentals of communicating through touch and movement

  • Redefining the roles of leader and follower to find mutually empowering ways of interacting with each other and our horses

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