2018 Series 3

Summer Break


We've had a lot of great conversations happening over the summer break. Here's links to all the live chats I did in the last week:

July 15: Topic: Animal Communication:

Resonance based communication both long distance and in person. How we can work with resonance to allow us to receive information and insight from our horses. We can also work with resonance to help our horses release trauma - both physical and emotional.

July 19: Topic: Trailer Loading and other challenging tasks

Trailer loading - or really - any other thing we might want or need our horses to do with us that might go against their nature. You know, because walking into a moving cave with no exit is something any horse would willingly do, right?

I'll focus on the things you might do to prepare a horse incrementally for these more challenging tasks.

July 21: Live Chat: Topic: Conflict

Using the Tools we have to help us stand in the face of conflict

For those of you who tuned in live, you know the feed was cutting in and out a lot. Consequently there is no audio file for this segment. It works out since really a lot of what I talk about needs to be seen to understand what I mean.