February 12, 2019

This is how Sunny felt about having his feet handled a few years ago. Small improvements.

This is how Sunny felt about having his feet handled a few years ago. Small improvements.

Sundance has been gimpy on his front feet for some time. I was thrilled when he finally let the new farrier work on his feet, and he showed significant improvement in his comfort. He’s due for a trim now and the soreness is back. Good to know I need to keep him on a tighter trimming schedule. I’m not overly concerned because he still goes out and plays rough with Smokey and does all his normal things. At noon today though he was all balled up. Standing funny and just stiff as a board. Probably played too hard - as he often does!

Why don’t I ever do long distance check in’s with my own horses? I don’t recall doing a single long distance check in with Sunny. So strange. So today I decided to expand my experimentation with using long distance work as a full on addition to my work with my own horses.

It was a brief and powerful session that I recorded:

During the session I felt Sunny’s whole top line let go. I was excited to go out and see him in person.

I found him walking around 75% better than when I saw him at lunch. His top line relaxed and only that bit of lameness in the right front remaining. So cool!

He allowed me to halter him, which I did with the thought I might end up being able to work on that right front foot. I took a rasp and hoof pick along just in case. The body work session we did was pretty amazing. He was so in tune, so responsive to subtle things. Enough fun it made me want to develop my own body work modality again. Sigh. The body work felt like a dance in itself. He responded so well. Relaxing his poll, his pectorals, his shoulders, his sacrum, his right hind. All areas that showed up in the distance session.

Then I did some additional work on his right front leg and he allowed me to pick it up and pick it out. This is unusual. Normally he won’t hold it up that long but he did. He even let me take a good look at it and assess the issues. I can see exactly what’s causing the lameness but it’s going to take more than a rasp. I’ll tune in again tomorrow and then go try to nip that foot before I leave for the night.

Thrilled with this first test run! Validated the long distance work in a big way.