Series 2: Deciphering What Your Horse is Telling You

March 5 - april 6, 2018

In this series we'll explore the many ways our horses have of communicating how they are doing and what they need from us.  There are a great many things that can get in the way of the easy flow of communication between horse and human.  Understanding how they communicate when something is amiss gives you a head start in unraveling the blocks to effective communication and deeper connection. 

Students will learn to make use of hands on palpation, visual assessment and our sixth sense (intuition, resonance, the electromagnetic field of the heart) to gather information from our horses that guides us to helping them. 

  • How they move
  • How they stand
  • How they behave
  • How they respond to our requests
  • How they respond to touch
  • What we feel emotionally when we are around them

All of these things constitute communication from our horses. 

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Week 1: Developing our sixth sense

March 5 - 11

Perhaps our most underutilized sense is what you’ll often hear referred to as ‘the sixth sense’.  It is this sense that is possibly our most valuable asset when it comes to deep connection and communication with our horses.

Topics to be covered: Understanding resonance and communication via the electromagnetic field of the heart. 

Present moment, heart centered awareness allows us to know instantly how another being feels, what they are thinking about, what they might need from us, health issues they are struggling with, where energy is stuck, where they are stiff, sore, in pain, hanging onto emotional or mental wounds and on and on.  The possibilities for what someone might choose to share with you are limitless!

Week 2: Touch as communication

March 12 - 18

Topics to be covered:  Learn how to use touch to aid you in discovering areas of restriction or discomfort, as an aid in developing your ability to resonate with your horse's feelings and as a way to offer both comfort and healing.

Touch is one of the most powerful ways we have to gather information from our horses.  From amplifying our ability to feel what they are feeling to helping us identify where they hurt, learn how your touch can both assess and heal!

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standing with proper engagement.jpg

Week 4 and 5: Posture, balance and Movement

March 19 - April 6

Topics to be covered:  Visual assessment of posture and muscle development. Using patterns to help assess our horse's movement and identify areas of weakness or restriction.  Working with postural reflexes and the reflexes to stand, walk and turn as a basis for willing forward motion.

Posture, balance and movement are three of the most powerful ways our horses have of communicating to us how they are doing.  We'll be learning tools that help you guide your horse toward better posture, better balance control and hence better movement and more confidence. 

Course Format:

Participants receive an e-mail Monday mornings for the four weeks the course runs, beginning March 5th. The e-mail will contain written material, video and audio files of the written material that can be downloaded and listened to on the way to work, for example. You’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and I’ll be available to answer questions and engage in discussions for the duration of the course. 

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